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  • Level: Degree
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You will take four courses:

  • Introduction to organisational behaviour: introduces the context in which organisations exist and considers variables such as personality and motivation.
  • Marketing: covers marketing communications, consumer behaviour, digital marketing, sales and pricing, product development and marketing strategy.
  • Principles of management: an exploration of who today’s managers are and what constitutes an effective manager?
  • Foundations of finance: teaches the basic principles of finance and an understanding of the finance world.


You will take four courses:

  • Human resource management: introduces the theory and practice of human resource management.
  • Business decision analysis: explores how organisations use both quantitative and qualitative data to make decisions.
  • Entrepreneurship: teaches you to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and the role it plays in society.
  • Operations management: covers the theory and practice of operations management.

You will also study other subjects in years 1 and 2: see Flexible degrees.


In the Honours programme, you will study five core classes including: strategy, global business, business and ethics, research methods and a capstone experiential learning course. Electives are offered from a range of disciplines including entrepreneurship, marketing, human resource management and organisational behaviour, international business, and service operations and finance.

You can specialise via selective pathways including: marketing, entrepreneurship, international business and human resource management (HRM) and organisational behaviour.

Entry Requirement

Entry Requirement: Year 12 equivalent

Intakes & Course Duration

Intakes: September

Course Duration: 4 years

Study Campus/ University
  • University of Glasgow

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