GCSE pathways

Course Features

  • Price: £8,120 PER TERM
  • Level: Certificate
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  • Awarded by: Bellerbys College

Students typically study nine subjects with exams taken at the end of two years. You can choose one of five academic pathways depending on your interests and university ambitions. On our GCSE Pathway Programme you’ll develop the language, learning and cultural skills you need to succeed in the highly competitive world of higher education. You’ll study in a welcoming environment, alongside students from all over the world.

Join this pathway if you are 14 or 15 years old. To help you get a broad education, we group core subjects into five pathways based on your interest. Choose from the following:

Business and Economics Pathway
Creative Arts Pathway
Humanities Pathway
Science and Engineering Pathway
Young Oxbridge Pathway

Entry Requirement

Entry Requirement: Year 10: Minimum of 8 years school in your own country. Good grades and excellent academic reference. Year 11: Entry only for students studying GCSE in a British school.

Intakes & Course Duration

Intakes: Jan/Sept

Course Duration: Two years

Study Campus/ University
  • Bellerbys College

    A Bellerbys education is a high-quality British education that’s tailor made for you and trusted by universities.