Bachelor of Arts (Religious Studies)

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  • Awarded by: George Mason University

Religion shapes the world. Whether you pursue a career in government, the entertainment industry, or community service, you cannot understand people’s values and motivations without religious literacy. As a religious studies major, you will explore the many dimensions of religion—its spiritual, historical, cultural, and social aspects. You will understand more fully your own religious traditions, and learn from the traditions of others.

The department offers cross-cultural perspectives on religion. Mason, with its diverse student body, is an ideal environment in which to undertake such study. Likewise, the Washington, DC area offers rich opportunities for encounters with a variety of religious institutions and faith communities.

As a religious studies graduate, you will have the ability to analyze complex information and to approach global issues from multiple perspectives. You will be an effective writer with well-developed skills in research and comparative analysis. These abilities will not only enrich you personally, but are also highly valued by prospective employers. Our majors and minors have pursued opportunities in law, religious vocations, business, and advanced study in the field.

Entry Requirement

Entry Requirement: Year 11

Intakes & Course Duration

Intakes: January, August

Course Duration: 4 Years

Study Campus/ University
  • George Mason University

    Mason is a young university that, in just a short time, has made impressive strides in size, stature and influence.