Course Features

  • Price: THB 429,000/USD 13,000
  • Level: Master
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Do you want to be the master of your own destiny? CMMU’s EN program leverages entrepreneurship knowledge to help people in starting up their own business. We also provide current entrepreneurs, corporate venturing managers, and others involved in entrepreneurial environments the abilities you need in order to develop ideas into successful businesses, to nurture your enterprise, and to expand it to further stages on the entrepreneurial life cycle. At CMMU you will learn how to increase entrepreneurial opportunities in your desired organization, in your digital business, and in your institution. The concepts, tools, and frameworks learned in the EN program will enable students to:

  • Apply fundamental knowledge for the foundation of successful start-ups
  • Identify and evaluate new venture opportunities
  • Create and interpret customer needs and quantify the value proposition
  • Develop winning business plans
  • Navigate the venture capital investment process and identify further sources of financing a start-up
  • Understand geographical and cultural peculiarities in the process of starting up new ventures
  • Scale small businesses and medium enterprises (SMEs) to be globally or regionally successful
  • Transfer (research) knowledge to the market; leverage new science and technologies from Mahidol University laboratories
  • Enhance your experience as an entrepreneur and broaden vital networks with entrepreneurial communities (successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, funding agencies, leading small and medium-sized business owners)


  • Future entrepreneurs with a dream to start up their own new company
  • Current entrepreneurs who want to grow and sustain their self-owned business
  • Family business managers who want to get first-hand knowledge from experienced instructors
  • Researchers and holders of patents/intellectual property rights who want to transfer their research findings into marketable products
  • Intrapreneurs in companies, institutions and regions who are involved with the development of new ventures or new products


  • Business owner: CEO, President, Managing Director, COO of self-owned business/the SME; Family Business Manager; Digital Business Manager
  • Executive/Manager in the local, regional, multinational or global enterprise
  • Business angel, venture capitalist or other financier who transfers capital and knowledge to newly founded start-ups and developed ventures as well


EN students have the opportunity to study 3 terms at CMMU and then continue their studies at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia for 1 year. They will receive a Master in Management from CMMU and a Master of Commerce with a specialization in Business Management and Organisations from Macquarie University. A scholarship of 10,000 AUD is available from Macquarie University for this program.

Entry Requirement

Entry Requirement: Bachelor Degree in any field, GPA at least 2.50, IELTS 6.1

Intakes & Course Duration

Intakes: Jan, Sept

Course Duration: 18 months (5 terms)

Study Campus/ University
  • Mahidol University

    With its goal of being the “Wisdom of the Land”, Mahidol University has continuously strived for educational excellence, outstanding research, leadership in healthcare services, and global outlook.