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  • Level: Master
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Fundamental knowledge in financial management is vital for successfully running a corporation. CMMU’s Master of Management in Corporate Finance (CF) responds to opportunities and challenges of the exciting and complex world of finance in a new era of globalization. The changing global context of the 21st century is demanding higher levels of profound expertise for corporate financial managers in Thailand and the Asia-Pacific Region.

Financing a corporation is the pre-requisite of all of its business activities. Managing new strategies for increasing the rate of return of investments (assets), and for being aware of the cost of capital of all financing decisions are taking on major importance. This equally applies in Thailand, where expertise in financial management in the corporate and public sectors needs to be strengthened. Furthermore, new financial tools such as options and derivatives are increasingly causing decisions to be made swiftly without the luxury of errors.


The aim of this program is to train students for a role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or a top executive who needs to make, implement and monitor financial decisions. The program would be ideal for any applicants who would like to pursue a career in financial management. Backgrounds in accounting are not required, as CMMU provides basic financial accounting courses as well as advanced management accounting classes. Quantitative analysis with the use of appropriate software like Excel or @Risk would be emphasized. However, there is no need for a strong mathematical background to study in the program, as we apply mathematical methods, and not develop or prove them.


  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Finance manager
  • Top executive who needs to make financial decisions
  • Credit officer of Loan officer


CF students have the opportunity to study 3 terms at CMMU and then continue their studies at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia for 1 year. They will receive a Master in Management from CMMU and a Master of Commerce with a specialization in Finance from Macquarie University. A scholarship of 10,000 AUD is available from Macquarie University for this program.

Entry Requirement

Entry Requirement: Entry Requirement: Bachelor Degree in any field, GPA at least 2.50, IELTS 6.1

Intakes & Course Duration

Intakes: Jan, Sept

Course Duration: 18 months (5 terms)

Study Campus/ University
  • Mahidol University

    With its goal of being the “Wisdom of the Land”, Mahidol University has continuously strived for educational excellence, outstanding research, leadership in healthcare services, and global outlook.