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Interested in opera? Jazz theory and improv? Musical theater? The uninitiated can learn to read music. The budding musicologist and theorist will acquire all the knowledge and skills required for admission to top graduate music schools. Majors, minors, music clusters, internships, independent studies, interdepartmental majors—all of these are options in the music department.

The Department of Music, in cooperation with the Eastman School of Music, offers the Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in music. This degree program in music addresses students who can meet both the intellectual and musical challenges of a rigorous program that emphasizes the broad experience of a liberally educated person. The concentration comprises a balanced program of academic courses, private instruction, and ensemble experience that fosters understanding of musical languages, historical developments, and compositional styles while encouraging excellence in performance. The core curriculum in music theory and history provides the common foundation for advanced study of specialized subfields in music (musicology, theory, conducting, management, performance, composition, music education, etc.) whether this study occurs in the final years of undergraduate education or at the graduate or professional level.

Although the concentration in music is a demanding one, students often also explore, beyond the introductory level, one or more non-music disciplines. Some students pursue a double major. Such flexibility allows students to combine pre-law or pre-medicine preparation with a concentration or minor in music.

Entry Requirement

Entry Requirement: GPA 3.8

Intakes & Course Duration

Intakes: August, May

Course Duration: 4 years

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  • University of Rochester

    The University of Rochester is one of the country’s top-tier research universities. Our 158 buildings house more than 200 academic majors, more than 2,000 faculty and instructional staff, and some 11,300 students—approximately half of whom are women.