Politics and Internal Relations BA (Hons)

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Our BA Programme in Politics & International Relations enables you to understand the central challenges that national and international politics faces in the 21st century. You will gain an independent, critical and nuanced insight to global issues beyond simplifying news stories and one-sided political narratives. Combining this contemporary focus with a thorough training in all major areas of political science, the course enables you to develop the knowledge and skills to question, analyse and discuss both what does occur in politics, and what should occur in politics. This ability to break down, examine and problematize phenomena on an abstract level to find alternatives and possible solutions prepares you for a wide range of careers in political advocacy, media or marketing.

Why choose this course?

  • Topical focus on Security & Governance: You will benefit from an exciting new programme which combines rigorous training in the classical areas of Politics and International Relations such as theories of international relations, political history, government and institutions and political theory with a focus on the increasingly frequent intersection of security and political governance that defines the character of contemporary politics. In our modules “Security & Governance”, “Terrorism and Security”, “Peacebuilding and Statebuilding” and “Internet Governance and Politics” you will explore how security issues shape and change different fields of politics and affect the lives of citizens.
  • Research-lead teaching: The Politics & International Relations programme at Hertfordshire is home to the Security & Governance research group which promotes the research of our politics staff members and connects it to the international landscape of political science. All of our key staff teaching on the programme are active and dynamic young researchers. Their teaching is informed by innovative methods, topical debates and the current state of knowledge in their fields. During your studies you will have a chance to build experience and put your knowledge into action by getting involved in our research group events, such as workshops with experts in political research and practice.
  • Personal learning experience: Established in 2016, the Politics & International Relations programme is still small and offers you the unique chance of learning in a closely connected community of students with frequent contact to their course tutors. You will benefit from extensive, personalised support that fits your individual study needs and development goals.
  • Diverse modules for individual specialisation: On the basis of a foundational training in all areas of political science in year 1, you can specialise your studies in one of the four strands ‘Security & Governance’, ‘EU and International Relations’, ‘British Politics and History’ and ‘Political Theory’ in line with your interests and professional goals in years 2 and 3. The teaching team will provide advice and guidance for your module choice and a possible specialisation at all stages of your studies.
  • Building transferable skills in extra-curricular activities: In addition to your degree studies you have the chance to get involved in a number of extra-curricular activities organised by the politics programme. They will help you to develop your skills in public speaking, structured argumentation and critical analysis which are vital to your success at university, but also for your future career. The co-curricular activities are also a great opportunity to get to know and build a community with your fellow students in the School of Humanities. For example, we are currently offering extra-curricular modules in Debating and Model United Nations.
Entry Requirement

Entry Requirement: Year 12 equivalent, IELTS 6.0

Intakes & Course Duration

Intakes: September, January

Course Duration: 3 years

Study Campus/ University
  • University of Hertfordshire

    The University is the UK’s leading business-facing university and an exemplar in the sector. It is innovative and enterprising and challenges individuals and organisations to excel.